Our Philosophy

Planning and design are two elements vital to the success of any student housing project. The housing should be completely functional as well as environmentally pleasing. There is a delicate balance that our team maintains to achieve creativity, efficiency and affordability. We are committed to developing facilities that complement and enhance the campus lifestyle and culture that are unique to each Institution.

Preservation of institutional capital, credit ratings and a variety of balance sheet factors create obstacles for colleges and universities across the country. Every Institution has unique financial requirements as well, which come into play when determining the feasibility of a new student housing project.

Our structure is unique as it is a long term, stable solution based on the university or college's fact pattern. We enable the Institution to continue to build on its own academic program in a secure environment without balance sheet or development risk.

HSHV clients will also enjoy surplus revenue from this residential life component. We use a non-profit partner or we can use the institution's foundation as borrower. At the time the low interest, fixed rate 30-year debt is paid off, the Institution has the option of accepting the project as a donation. Our program is unique as it specifically is off balance sheet with no guaranty coming from the Institution (non recourse).

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