Who We Are

The team at HSHV consists of Development, Construction, Design, Engineering and Finance Partners amongst others. All work together and have successfully completed thousands of residential units under the Herity umbrella as well as major commercial. Team partners change based on the regionality, size and nature of the development. Together we develop insightful, achievable, student-friendly projects that help our clients realize their educational goals at affordable prices.

Jeff Gottfried, CEO & President

HSHV's President and CEO is Jeff Gottfried who is well known nationally for having successfully financed and closed hundreds of millions of dollars in deals in the commercial sector with institutional clients as well as institutional funding sources/investors. He began his professional career as a Public Accountant before becoming a Real Estate Developer who fully understands the "big picture' financial issues that impact Colleges & Universities in this ever changing and complex world.

Sheldon Alspector - CEO of Construction

With over 40 years of experience, Sheldon is directly responsible for the operations of Herity's Residential Housing Division. Sheldon has a clear appreciation of the residential housing market from several standpoints - not only from the perspective of privately-held entities, but also from the concerns of watchdog organizations.

Grant Simpson P.,ENG, MBA. - COO, Herity

Grant joined Herity in 1980 as a civil engineer and heads the group's Equity Development Group land development operation. In addition he is responsible for corporate partnerships, joint venture relations and deals directly with the financial community. He has a B.Sc in Civil Engineering from Queen's University, and an MBA from The University of Toronto. Grant's wide range of interests and skills come together in an integrated understanding of Herity's portfolio of projects, and the ability to help guide them, step by step, detail by detail, from initiation to successful completion.

Brad Foster CPA, C.A., Chief Financial Officer, Herity

Brad joined Herity in 1999, was appointed the company’s CFO position in 2005, and became a principal in 2008. Brad is a highly skilled Chartered Accountant and Certified Public Accountant and is responsible for the company’s consolidated financial reporting, corporate financing, banking relationships and taxation. Brad has a broad perspective on the Herity's activity and with his skill set is able to understand and direct the multi-faceted activities of the company from land, housing and franchising.

James Krangle, Counsel, Herity USA

James provides legal counsel for the group for Heron Stone as well as Heron Student Housing. He attended Emory University in Atlanta, GA and St. Thomas University School of Law in Miami, FL.

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